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State Race Round 4 20-22/7/18 Historic Touring Cars

Targa in April has now been and run. The Team at BOI had a very good outcome this year, winning our Class, plus 3rd in Category and 14th Out Right in Classic winning our full set of three plates.

Enjoye the Youtube filim from Targa this year

Fiat 124 & 131 steering rack bush kits for Urathain I havent made these for years, I make them in 2 differant Duro 60 & 85 selling them @ $88.00 a pair Plus shipping

New 40 DCNF Baleliti (Pheolic) spacer for Air cleaner or air box12mm think $45.00 each

Weber DCD 36/36 carburettor (New Weber in stock now) $880.00

Weber DCD 36/36 carby would have to be the most flexable carby ever made for tunning classic engines from as small as Fiat 1500,125 etc Ford Cortina GT, Escort ,Toyota 1100 Corolla 3K to a Holden 202 to Ford 250

"We Only sell Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy"

I have received an advice from my suppliers for all Weber and Dellorto parts have gone up as from the 1/1/2018 a flat fee 10%-12% to cover the exchange rates, materials.

I sorry but I have to pass this on as I have kept my pricing stable for the past 18 months in this time I have absorbed 2 increases of 5% & 6% in this time, I can longer support this loss , I can not match the pricings from EBay and or chines copy parts others are selling.

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Dellorto DHLA Sytec Thottle Linkage Kit A$185.00

Dellorto DHLA Linkage Kit TLK2/D A$185.00
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Weber IDF Ram tubes    3D Printed    38-40-44 & 48

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BOI Performance new 3 D printed ram tube 42-44 DCNF A$90.00 inc

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BOI Performance has made a new batch of Weber DCOE Surge tops complet kit from $220.00

(Note that our Heat shields are made in 1.1mm stainless steel, not super thin and not likely will crack.) Weber DCOE Heat sheildSuit 38,40,42,45 & 48$30.00 eac...
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Performance Air Filter Induction Pods, custom made to order

BOI Performance and UNI Filter Our New 5" (127mm) Pod filter only 2 1/2" (65mm) x 7 1/2" (190mm)"6" units Now in stock" From $135.00 these come with extra was...
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