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Performance Air Filter Induction Pods, custom made to order

BOI Performance and UNI Filter

Our New 5" (127mm) Pod filter only 2 1/2" (65mm) x 7 1/2" (190mm)
"6" units Now in stock"

From $135.00 these come with extra washable skin

BOI Performance is now catering for S.U Carburettor’s with the view of tuning on the Dyno/Rolling road.

We have a very good range of needles, dash pot oil and service kits Etc.

The SU Carburettor’s we are currently tuning on the rolling road are British and Australian classic cars, fast road cars and race & rally cars.

This is as a result of the Fuels we have today; you need to re tune you older engines to suit to days modern fuels.

"New Ajustable"

Cold air box Low cover @ 60mm H x 180 mm W x from Single to twins 360mm to 750 mm L plus, nose can turn off-set in or out by 60mm

(can turn right or Left to order)

These are made to order
Some of "BOI Performance Cold Air Box Range"

4" & 5" Air box Sizing

New 4" & 5" Air filter-Cone type (Internal to air duct)

We have Just releast New HEMI Cold Air Box for 245 & 265 Hemi engine on 3 x Weber 45 DCOE
5" (125mm) Ducting plus option's

New Molded Cold Air Box Intake Fiat X19 1300 or 1500
win 40DCNF Webers Kit from A$580.00. Cold ducting & Pod filter A$120.00

This is the gain from the cold air box for Fiat X19 1300 this engine twin 40 DCNF, Cams, Headers, Stock head & pistons

New Fiat 124 Spyder coupe/131 Twin 45 Webers on cold air box & Pod filter
KIt plus fitting (Monifolds R/hand drive set up)

The Ecliptech Shift-I is a high reliability Progressive Shift Light
Track – Street – Trials – Autocross – Circuit – Drift – Rally – Drag

The Shift-P2 is a sophisticated RPM engine gauge, designed to be used in your peripheral vision.
It has been engineered to give you a highly configurable gauge.

The Shift-P2 is simple and intuitive to setup with an interactive display.

Shift-P2 KIt from $255.00
Shift-P2+ KIt from $295.00
plus postage$15.00

Used For Balancing Multi Choke Carburettors:

Ideal For Weber DCOE or Dellorto DHLA Carburettors
From $120

Phil at Sandow 20/07/14
photo by:SDPICS ( web site

John Ellis in The Alpine Nov 13
Fiat 1500 Mark 3

Phil Buggee & Paul Freame
Targa High Country Nov 14
Grande Punto Sport

Ignition Systems-Chassis Dyno - Sun Distributor Tester 504

As a matter of course we have now rebuilt a Sun 504 Distributor Tester.

This has now enabled us to sort out the ignition on older classic cars.

We can now plot & graph ignition systems to a better level, as our PHORMULA knock system has now being able to pin point problems on classic older engines on the Chassis Dyno.

In Car Detonation,Pinging ,Knock Sensor / Analyser


Plus postage

We are proud to confirm that we are now sole Australia Dealer for Phormula Knock Analyser's

"Take a look at the gallery for many more great action shots"
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Performance Air Filter Induction Pods, custom made to order

BOI Performance and UNI Filter Our New 5" (127mm) Pod filter only 2 1/2" (65mm) x 7 1/2" (190mm)"6" units Now in stock" From $135.00 these come with extra was...
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