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Dellorto DHLA Carburettor Tuning & Parts Chassis Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

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(Please not that we have had to pass on new cost as from the 20/04/2017 on many items, due to material cost & changes in exchange rates)

(BOI Performance is now authorised DELLORTO Dealer.)

"We do all of our tuning in house on Land & Sea system Chassi Dyno Rolling Road"

This now means we have a full range of all Dellorto & Weber stocks so if we don’t have it we can get it very quickly via UPS with in 4-5 days working.

If the part you need is not listed, please contact us as there are still many items we have in stock which are not listed on this website.
We have a lot of parts that Dellorto in Italy doesn’t stock any more, and we’re re-manufacturing certain parts that are no longer available.
Before Dellorto stopped production of car carburettors, Dell’Ortos were fitted as standard equipment to Alfa Romeo and Lotus, until the catalytic converter killed the carburettor off for new cars in 1992. We still have a few DHLA40 and 45mm carbs. here along with 32DHLBs and some single chokes, but the rest are sadly no longer available.

The DHLA & DRLA carburettors are widely believed to be the most sophisticated carburettors of their type, prompting David Vizzard to say in Auto Performance magazine, “Dellortos produce truly excellent results...On engines where atomisation is a premium requirement, Dellortos are superior to everything”.

The last carburettors Dellorto produced were the unique 'tri-jet' DHLA45s for Lotus, which as well as an idle and main circuit, has a power jet circuit for extra enrichment at high revs. This system was also fitted to the Lotus Esprit Turbo carburettors, which can hold up to 30-PSI boost pressure. Eurocarb ltd stock every single part for DHLA, DRLA & DHLB carburettors, as well as complete new and some reconditioned units

We have a full range of all Main jets, Air correctors, Emulsion tubes, Idle jets, full service kits etc..

Carburettor Synchrometer to suit Dellorto, Weber & SU $120.00

Carburettor Synchrometer to suit Dellorto, Weber &

DRLA service kit for two carbs 36 / 40 Service Kits From $120.00


DHLA40 budget service kit for two carbs. Alfa Giulietta 1.6-1.8-2.0 $120.00

dhla40csk rca.jpg

DHLA genuine service kit for 2 carbs 40/45 From $145.00


DHLA - Mangoletsi Sliding linkage assembly $255.00


Trumpets/Ram Tubes 40,45/48 -25mm to 60mm


DHLA parts diagram


Dellorto DHLA Heat sheild $35.00

(Note that our Heat shields are made in 1.1mm stainless steel, not super thin and not likely will crack.)


Jet cover - Black $38.50


DHLA/ DRLA Main Jets from .80 to 1.90 from $12.50


DHLA/ DRLA Air Correction Jets 1.30 to 240 From $18.50


Idle jets from .33-.70 From $12.50


DHLA / DRLA / PHM / PHF pump jet $25.50


DHLA/DHLB Emulsion tube from $48.50


DHLA/DRLA Starter emulsion tube $58.00

DHLA Starter 7482.jpg

DHLA/DRLA Stater Jet From $16.50

DHLA DRLA Starter jet3315.jpg

DHLA/DRLA idle jet holder $25.50

DHAL Idle holders.jpg

Idle jet holders in order of mixture Weak 5-10-9-4-1-3-6-7-2-8 Rich

DHLA Mixture screw's Ass From $18.50 each


DHLA/DRLA progression hole cover screw $15.20

DHLA Progesion cover.jpg

DHLA 40 Venturi / choke

40 DHLA Chokes.jpg
From $47.00

Sizes from 25mm-37mm

DHLA 40 Auxiliary venturi

40 DHLA Aux Ven.jpg
From $88.00

7848.1 Is a good quality reproduction part and not marked with the part number.

7848.2, 3, 4 & 5 are original Dellorto factory parts.

45/48 DHLA Chokes /Venturi

45-48 DHLA chokes.jpg
From $52.00

Size from (28mm to order) rest are in stock from 34mm - 40mm

Dellorto DHLA 48 Chokes/Venturi

DHLA 48 choke 8564.41.jpg
From $58.00

Dellorto DHLA 48 Venturi, 41,42,43mm

DHLA 45/48 Auxiliary venturi

45-48 Aux Ven.jpg
8011.1, 8011.2 & 8011.4
From $110.00

(These are good copies as the genuine part is no longer available)

DHLA top cover – early type

DHLA early top 8183.jpg
8183: (in stock )

DHLA top cover – later type

DHLA Late TOP21-.jpg
DHLATOP2 (Out of Stock)

DHLA/DRLA 40 throttle butterfly disc

DHLA 40 Buterfly 74811.jpg

(We also hole DHLA 45 & 48 Butterfly disc)

Butterfly screw

DHLA-Weber Butterfly.jpg

Throttle spindle to suit Dell’Orto DHLA 40, 45 and 48

DHLA Spindal sharft 40-45-48 8604-.jpg

Dellorto Spindle bearing

DHLA sharft bearing 7490.jpg

7490 Dellorto Spindle bearing

Spindle end cover

DHLA cover plate.jpg

Spindle washer

DHLA Spindle spacer.jpg

DHLA Pump rod adjuster nut

DHLA Ajuter nut.jpg

DHLA pump rod spring – Long

DHLA Pump rod spring 7208.jpg

Spacer, brass

Pump spring base 7739.jpg

DHLA Pump cover assembly

DHLA Pump cover 9860.jpg

DHLA Pump rod assembly

DHLA Pump Rod.jpg

DHLA Pump body casting $92.00


Pump non return valve

Pump Return valve.jpg

DHLA pump diaphragm $28.50

DHLA Pump Dia- 107421.jpg

Pump diaphragm spring

DHLA Pump Dia spring.jpg

DHLA Throttle return spring

DHLA retune spring.jpg

Nut – Spindle / grub screw locking

DHLA Nut-Grub .jpg

Venturi grub screw

Grup screw.jpg

DHLA Float $95.00

DHLA Float7298.jpg

Viton float needle valve and seatfrom 1.50 to 3.00 $25.50


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