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Dyno Tuning Tips

Dyno Tuning Tips

Dyno Tuning Tips you should consider before you book in

One of the most common problems that we see when Dyno tuning a vehicle is the lack of basic car preparation the simplest things can be so early over looked.

Simple things like: under from performing fuel pumps, Fuel press regulators, to smaller fuel lines, exposed wiring & so on lets look at af few items to help you out:

  • Fuel System Carbies or Injectors: too small / too large / bad spray pattern / dirty injectors / Float levers too high/ too low
  • Ignition System ( not enough ignition energy / poor power supply / poor grounding / old leads loose Spark plug tops)
  • Spark plugs ( incorrect heat range / old / fouled / worn electrodes )
  • Compression Ratio ( too high / too low for maximum efficiency )
  • Fuel ( not enough in the tank to complete tuning sessions - please deliver car with full tank )
  • Fuel ( incorrect octane number -stale fuel remember the fuel you have in your tank must be what you are going to use ) And there are many more ....

The short list above are just a few out of many possible weak links that can be exposed when a vehicle is put on the Dyno and run at full power and RPM.

The reason why these issues do not surface before a tune, is that most vehicles are not run at high RPM and high load under normal operating conditions for more than just a few seconds. On the Dyno, the engine may be run for slightly longer periods, exposing these shortcomings.

The good news is, that most of these problems are easy to rectify, and you will be glad that any issues are found and resolved while the vehicle is on a Dyno.

You can help make your Dyno experience even better by having a look over your engine well before running your car on the Dyno, just to see if you notice anything that may cause a problem.

If you can fix it, or replace a part before the Dyno session, even better. If you can't, it's really important that you tell the me (the Dyno operator) that you may suspect a problem before booking the car in, and once again on the day of the tune, so that I can take a look at the problem before it becomes a bigger problem, that may jepperdise your investment and give me theDyno opperator & tuner every opportunity to make a sound judgment on weather or not I believe your vehicle is ready to be run-up on the Dyno.

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