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"We Dyno Tune with DYNOmite Chassis DYNAMOMETER" Chassi Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

The Fuels we have today? you many need to re-tune you'r older engines to suit to days modern fuels.

**For the normally aspirated racing or high performance car, the Weber carburettor is probably the ultimate choice. It was designed to be adapted for use on any engine size, for any purpose, at any altitude. The Weber is not a carburettor to be bought, bolted on and driven, it is infinitely adjustable and is intended for the serious performance tuner. In modern times, fuel injection, the electronic technology revolution and stricter laws regarding pollution emissions have led to the carburettors demise (the last one was produced at the Bologna plant in 1992). Weber carburettors are still used extensively in Classic and Historic racing**

Adaptronic 1280s From $1990.00 Adaptronic 420D Basic or 440 Universal Select ECU

IN Car Detonation,Pinging ,Knock Sensor / Analyser
Tuning our new Targa Rally Car for Targa 2016
Phormula Knock Analyser : KS-4 Knock Analyser
Kits from $654.00

Rotating vanes driven by a heavy-duty wet motor deliver pressure

from 4 to 18 psi at a flow rate of up to 100 gallons per hour

Kits from $145.00
Honda prelude A20A4
Honda Inegra DC5 on my Chassi dnyo
You Tube 3 x 45 DCOE Weber Carburettors
(Holden GTR - XU1 1971 RW bhp 195)

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