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Parts Continued

Fiat 131 Air dam (Fiberglass)


Fiat 131 Boot spioler (Fiberglass)


Fiat 131 Gear box suport (Race Rally) POA.

Custom Distributors

Ignitor Ignition Systems

Fiat 850,127, 125,124, 132 points type dist converted over to Lobe sensing unit exchange unit from $380.00.

Custom units for Alfa, Lancia & Ferrari and many other cars Price on Application


Fiat 124 Spider Spoiler and bumper blocks (shown with tow hooks for racing or without)
Fiat 124 Spider R/H glove box $140.00
Fiat Spider Re-skinned Dash A$220.00
Fiat Spider Boot Battery Cover $140.00
Assorted Fiat badges are NOW available!
Fiat 124 Carpet sets. Embroidered sets with fiat logo,
logo/wording of your own design also avail.