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Crank trigers & Trigger wheels

The page is in development but It's all about helping you get the best parts to set up your ECU's from Adaptronic to any other brand.

You will see just some of the parts we carry and can make to order to for fill your custom needs for in your installation of your ECU set up, weather it be full EFI and Ignition system to Carbies and ignition only, Turbo Blow through to draw through system we have experience in all of the.

With any good ECU you must first of all have very good stable information for the ECU to do its job and it all starts with the trigger systems.

New Product Has Arrived 36-1 Trigger wheels 5mm thick for best trigger signal sizes start Pricing from $88.00

in2.5" (63mm),4.5" (114mm),5.125" (146m),5.75" (146mm) & 6.5" (165mm)

Other Sizes are available to custom order 7.25" (184mm),8.25" (210mm) , 9.25" (235mm),10.25" (260mm) &12" (300mm)

We stock a good range of base components 1 to 3 Bar Map sensors, water temp, Air temp and Knock sensors, Pot type TPS units, Ignition Igniters and malty coil packs, that we have found to be very reliable and cost effective to run with all our ECU's but mainly for our exclusive range of ECU's from Adaptronic.

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