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Warning Safety


We have received reports of dangerous  problems with the " EMPI " branded shameless copy of the Weber 48 IDA carburettor.

  1. The  float, made from the incorrect type of brass sheeting, cracked and filled with fuel , causing uncontrolled flooding. As the carburettor was fitted to a Mazda rotary engine , the fuel spilled out over the hot exhaust manifold which is directly underneath the inlet manifold. A serious fire risk!!!,. Luckily no ignition took place---this time!
  2. The pivot pin for the pump cam follower fell out ! (incorrect  fit). The throttle then jammed wide open causing severe over revving of the engine and a brown stain in the drivers trousers!! We suggest that buying cheap Chinese copies of Webers is not wise--- after all the copy is NEVER as good as the original!