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Water Methanol Injection

"We do all of our tuning in house on Land & Sea system Chassi Dyno Rolling Road"

There is nothing new about the benefits of water /methanol injection, it's a very well proven fact just how well it works. It's just that now we can be smarter about the way we make use of water/methanol,the technology is available to be smarter in using it these days .

You don't need to cut up the front of your car to fit a big inter-cooler, or messy spray bars. You don't need to try and retro fit an inter-cooler to your older turbo or supercharged car, this kit helps eliminate all of these problems in a very cost effective way and also keeps your car road legal!

"You can manage the water/methanol system via your Adaptronic ECU or you can control it via a boost operated fob switch." It's a well know fact that with the correct management of water/methanol injection, it not only keeps the air intake charge cool, but the cooler charge helps control detonation. It also helps the engine stay cleaner, internally, but most of all, it helps make more power while at the same time provides an improvement in economy and a reduction in emissions.

Inboot Pump (200PSI) & Tank Kit 6.6L (1.5 Gal) Base Kit Stand alone (No Tank)

200PSI Pump & 4.5L (1.0 Gal) Tank

The base kit will do most cars, from Turbo Petrol/ Diesels to N/A engines. Pump 200PSI

KIts start from A$560.00, plus shipping

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