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Dandenong 3175
Tel Work shop 61 (0)3 97946692 Mob 0417307189

Weber DCNF Parts

Weber DCN & DCNF parts

Weber DCNF Service Kits 40,42 & 44


40DCNF Service kit, Base kit $65.00 Full service $98.00

Baleliti (Pheolic) spacer for carby base $55.00 each

Air cleaner spacer 12mm thick $45.00 each



Needle valve DCOE DCO/SP DCNF etc.

Needle valve DCOE DCO SP DCNF etc.795031.jpg

Main jet DCNF / DFTH / DMTL

DNF main jet 734051.jpg

Idle jet IDF/ DCNF

DNF-IDF Idle jet744051.jpg

Air corrector jet DCNF / DMTR

DCNF - DMTR Air corrector jet775011.jpg

61450 emulsion tube DCNF DFTA DMTR DMTL

DNF Emlsion tube 61450.224.jpg


(We also make special to order, hard to find emulsion tubes $POA)

40 DCNF venturi Weber 72129

DNF 40 Choke 721292.jpg

Rang from 26-34mm

(We also suply 42 & 44 DCNF chokes made to Order $POA)

Pump jet DCNF / DCN

DNF Pump Jet 76215.jpg

Pump demand valve

DCNF Pump demand valve 64290.014.jpg

Diaphragm spring

Diaphragm spring 47600.107.jpg

Weber DCNF ICT ICH DFAV pump diaphragm


DCNF ICT ICH DFAV pump diaphragm47407.261.jpg

DCNF float

DCNF float41015.015.jpg

DCNF Pump cam

DCNF Pump cam 14852.011.jpg

O ring

DCNF IDF O ring 41565.002.jpg

Idle jet holder

Idle jet holder52570.006.jpg

DCNF throttle return spring

DCNF throttle return spring47610.078.jpg

DCNF Lever

DCNF Lever45041.049.jpg

DCNF Lever Rack block I(made to order only for V6 & V8 to V12set up's $POA)


Mixture screw – long

Mixture screw – long 64750.003.jpg

Mixture screw

Mixture screw64755.007.jpg

Spring- choke return

DCNF-IDF Spring- choke return 47600.139.jpg

DCNF Banjo bolt

DCNF Banjo bolt99901.3921.jpg

DCNF Double fuel banjo

DCNF Double fuel banjo99903.169.jpg

DCNF Single fuel union

DCNF Single fuel union99901.391.jpg

DCNF double trumpet52848.0011.jpg