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Weber DCOE-DCO SP Parts

Weber DCOE-DCO SP Parts

"Please note that this page is still being updated for parts"

DCOE comprehensive service kit OE quality

DCOE comprehensive service kit OE qualitywe436-11-600x600.jpg

DCOE cold start device elimination kit

DCOE cold start device elimination kitCRK001-600x600.jpg

DCOE 151-152 & DCO/SP Service kit

DCOE 151-152 & DCO-SP Service kitwe437-600x600.jpg

DCOE parts diagram


Weber DCOE External Retune Kit LT5000


LT5000 Weber DCOE Additional external spring kitlt5000.jpg

Weber DCOE Surge tops complet kit from



Weber DCOE/DCO Heat sheild

$30.00 each

DCOE Heat Sheild.jpg

(Note that our Heat shields are made in 1.1mm stainless steel, not super thin and not likely will crack.)

(Suit 38,40,42,45 & 48)

Throttle position sensor DCO/SP 48

$180.00 each

DCOE TPS 99902.668a.jpg

Needle valve DCOE DCO/SP DCNF etc.

Needle valve DCOE DCO-SP DCNF etc.795031.jpg

Main jet DCOE & DCO/SP parts, DCOM parts, IDA (dual barrel) Parts, IDF parts

Main jet734011.jpg

Air corrector jet DCOE / IDA / IDF

Air corrector jet DCOE -IDA - IDF774011.jpg

61450 F type emulsion tube DCOE IDF IDA

61450 F type emulsion tube DCOE IDF IDA.jpg

Pump exhaust/spill valve

IDF-DCOE Pump Spill 797011.jpg

Pump jet DCOE

Pump jet DCOE76801.jpg

DCOE Idle jet


Idle jet holder

Idle jet holder52585.006.jpg

Emulsion tube holder

Emulsion tube holder52580.0011.jpg

Jet cover assembly

Jet cover assembly32376.003.jpg

Jet cover fibre washer

Jet cover fibre washer 41550.002.jpg

DCOE float – Brass41030.005.jpg

DCOE DCO/SP float – Plastic

DCOE DCO-SP float – Plastic41030.034.jpg

Fuel filter cover

Fuel filter cover 61002.010.jpg

Internal fuel filter

Internal fuel filter37022.002.jpg

DCOE trumpets


Auxiliary venturi – DCOE40 – Spring clip type 70003.450

Auxiliary venturi – DCOE40 – Spring clip type 70003.450700031.jpg

DCOE 40 Trumpet Sleeve (#99903-922)

$38.50 each

DCOE 40 Trumpet Sleeve99903.922.jpg

DCOE 40 trumpet Sleeve 99903.922f.jpg

DCOE Auxiliary venturi spring clip

DCOE Auxiliary venturi spring clip dcoe-av-clip.jpg

DCOE / DCOM 40 Auxiliary venturi 600

DCOE - DCOM 40 Auxiliary venturi 60069909.jpg

(Only to Order)

Auxiliary venturi – DCOE40 – Grub screw

Auxiliary venturi – DCOE40 – Grub screw69912.45.jpg

(Olny to order)

Auxiliary venturi – DCOE45

Auxiliary venturi – DCOE45 69602.450.jpg

Auxiliary venturi – DCO/SP

Auxiliary venturi – DCO-SP68820.jpg

DCOE 40 choke/venturi

DCOE 40 choke-venturi723021.jpg

DCOE 45 choke/venturi

DCOE 45 choke-venturi72116.jpg

DCO/SP 48, 50 & 55 Venturi

DCO-SP 48, 50 & 55 Venturi72136.jpg

DCOE 45 – Venturi locking screw

DCOE 45 – Venturi locking screw64840.003.jpg

DCOE 45 Locking washer

DCOE 45 Locking washer52155.003.jpg

Air by-pass screw

Air by-pass screw64750.002.jpg

Air by-pass locking nut

Air by-pass locking nut34705.001.jpg

Mixture screw

Mixture screw64750.058.jpg

Idle mixture screw – short

Idle mixture screw – short64750.001.jpg

Mixture screw – long

Mixture screw – long 64750.003.jpg

Mixture screw cup washer

Mixture screw cup washer58000.006.jpg

O ring

O ring 41565.002.jpg



DCOE40 Butterfly disc

DCOE40 Butterfly disc64005.044.jpg

(78 Deg)

DCOE40 Butterfly disc 7930

DCOE40 Butterfly disc 793064005.059.jpg

(79 Deg)

DCOE45 Butterfly disc

DCOE45 Butterfly disc64005.084.jpg

48IDF / 48DCO-SP Butterfly disc

48IDF-48DCO-SP Butterfly disc64005.108.jpg

50DCO-SP Butterfly disc

50DCO-SP Butterfly disc64005.135.jpg

Butterfly screw – Italian type

Butterfly screw – Italian type64570.009.jpg

Butterfly screw – Spanish type

Butterfly screw – Spanish types57392022.jpg

Butterfly screw

Butterfly screw6416.jpg

DCOE 45 Spindle – Italian made carburettors

DCOE 45 Spindle – Italian made carburettors10005.438.jpg

5 Spindle for Spanish made carbs.

DCOE 40 & 45 Spindle for Spanish made carbs.10005.447.jpg

DCO/sp 48 spindle

DCOE 48 Spindle for Italian made carburettors10005.432.jpg

Spindle washer

Spindle washer55555.010.jpg

Spring (Early DCOE)


Spindle end cover (early DCOE)

Spindle end cover58000.007.jpg

Dust cover (Early DCOE Cover)

Dust cover41570.001.jpg

"Please note that this page is still being updated for parts"