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Dandenong 3175
Tel Work shop 61 (0)3 97946692 Mob 0417307189

Weber IDF Parts

Weber IDF Parts

IDF Service Kits

IDF Service Kit .jpg

IDF40 Air horn plate

IDF40 Air horn plate 52848.003.jpg

DRLA / IDF air filter gasket

DRLA -IDF air filter gasket DRLAAFG.jpg

IDF float

IDF float 41030.008.jpg

Needle valve IDF / DGAV / DGAV / DMTL

Needle valve IDF - DGAV - DGAV - DMTL 79507.jpg

(1.50,1.75, 2.00, 2.25, 2.50)

Internal fuel filter

IDF-DCOE- Internal fuel filter 37022.002.jpg

Fuel filter cover

IDF DCOE Fuel filter cover61002.010.jpg

IDF40 venturi & IDF36#

IDF44 venturi715071.jpg

40 IDF Chokes 26mm to 34mm

44 IDF Chokes 28mm to 40mm

48 IDF Chokes 38mm to 40mm

(we do make custom chokes to suit other requiments)

IDF40-44-48 Auxiliary venturi

IDF44 Auxiliary venturi 71102-600x600.jpg

Venturi fixing screw

IDF Venturi fixing screw64830.002.jpg

Main jet DCOE / IDA / IDF

IDF DCOE Main jet 734011.jpg


Air corrector jet DCOE / IDA / IDF

Air corrector jet DCOE- IDA- IDF.jpg

Emulsion tube holder DCOE / IDA / IDF

IDF DCOE Emulsion tube holder52580.0011.jpg

Emulsion tube holder (long)

Emulsion tube holder (long)52580.006.jpg

Emulsion tube DCOE IDF IDA (61450 F type)

(F2,F3,F4,F5,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,F14,F15,F16,F17, F41,F47)

61450 F type emulsion tube DCOE IDF IDA614501.jpg

Basic range of Emulsion tubes is;

LEAN: F14, F11, F15, F16, F9, F2, F5, F8, F7 :RICH

IDF pump jet (Spanish IDF type)

IDF pump jet (Spanish IDF type)762101.jpg


Pump exhaust/spill valve

IDF-DCOE Pump Spill 797011.jpg

(.00 (Closed),.35..40,.45,.50,.60,.70,.80,.90,1.00)

Idle jet IDF/ DCNF

IDF-DCNF Idle Jet 744051.jpg


IDF DCOE DCNF spindle bearing

IDF DCOE DCNF spindle bearing99901.554.jpg

Spindle washer

IDF DCNF Spindle washer 58000.015.jpg

Spindle wave washer

IDF DCNF Washer55530.005.jpg

IDF 40 /44/48 throttle shaft

IDF 40-44 throttle shaft10005.243a.jpg

Butterfly screw

Butterfly screw 6416.jpg

Butterfly screw – Spanish type

Butterfly screw – Spanish types57392022.jpg

IDF40,44,48 Butterfly disc

IDF44 Butterfly disc64005.103.jpg

Choke actuating mechanism

Choke actuating mechanism32556.018.jpg

Weber Choke blanking plate

Weber Choke blanking plate 52135.027.jpg

Pump rod spring

Pump rod spring47600.251.jpg

IDF pump cover – Type 28 & 29

IDF pump cover – Type 28 & 29 32486.027.jpg

IDF Spring loaded diaphragm

IDF Spring loaded diaphragm 47407.027.jpg

IDF Solid diaphragm

IDF Solid diaphragm47407.207.jpg

IDF Diaphragm spring

IDF Diaphragm spring 47600.250.jpg

Throttle return spring

IDF Throttle return spring47610.035.jpg

Mixture screw – long

IDF Mixture screw – long64750.003.jpg

IDF internal mixture screw

IDF internal mixture screw64750.051.jpg

Mixture screw

Mixture screw64750.058.jpg

Mixture screw spring

Mixture screw spring 47600.062.jpg

Mixture screw cup washer

IDF DCOE Mixture screw cup washer58000.006.jpg

Air by-pass screw

IDF DCOE Air by-pass screw 64750.029.jpg

IDF Right hand lever conversion kit

IDF Right hand lever conversion kit cb6455.jpg

IDF Lever

IDF Lever45034.110.jpg


IDF Lever

IDF Lever empi1012-2.jpg


IDF Lever

IDF leverempi1012-3.jpg


IDF throttle stop lever

IDF throttle stop lever empi1012-4.jpg


IDF/DCO/SP balance lever

IDF-DCO-SP balance lever45048.149.jpg


IDF starter valve

IDF-DCNF starter valve64330.009.jpg

Split ring

IDF DCNF Split ring10140.002.jpg

Spring- choke return

Spring- choke return47600.139.jpg

Fuel inlet pipe

Fuel inlet pipe10525.023.jpg

Fuel inlet blanking plug

Fuel inlet blanking plug61002.022.jpg

Throttle stop screw

Throttle stop screw64625.015.jpg